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Article: Our commitments

Our commitments

Silva Mundi offers a spontaneous, cheerful beauty and saturated with respect, for the skin, for people, for nature and for oneself. A brand designed in a global and transparent way, which makes S.E.N.S. :

SCIENCE: innovative and patented active ingredients, for 100% effective formulas, without added water

ETHICS: a company with a mission, committed at the local, social and environmental level

NATURALITY: vegan products, certified organic, more than 99% natural and eco-designed packs

SENSORIALITY: pleasurable textures and well-being rituals to delight your skin and soothe your mind.

Engagement 1 : Clean Beauty

Silva Mundi cultivates a symbiosis between humans and trees. An intimate, lasting and beneficial association between two independent organizations. From its particular genesis, Silva Mundi draws its uniqueness: not just limiting its carbon footprint, but preserving and enhancing the forest through beauty and well-being.

An honest, simple and quirky discourse closer to Clear Beauty than Clean Beauty. No simplistic simplification but a deep desire for change. A new respectful logic, made of commitment and continuous improvement to achieve a balance.

Silva Mundi is a concrete idealist: a lofty goal that the team strives to bring closer every day! Its certified organic, natural and vegan cosmetic formulas are developed and manufactured in France, in the Perche region, from ingredients issued from preserved forests. Without synthetic preservatives, they are 100% active.

Its eco-designed packaging uses only recycled and recyclable materials as much as possible, ECOCERT certified. An uncompromising selection of the best current solutions: recycled glass (PCR), aluminum and no case.

Commitment 2: local and responsible

Silva Mundi is a committed and attentive brand, which carries with it the values of sharing and transmission. It is at the heart of a virtuous ecosystem, attentive to its impact throughout the creation and production cycle.

Upstream with its partners, suppliers and teams: born and produced in the heart of Normandy, in the Perche region, Silva Mundi is 100% local, authentic and innovative. Developed in partnership with local players and the Normandy Region, the products range highlights and promotes regional activity.

Downstream with its customers and community: 

  • Silva Mundi offers through its promise of "Beauté Perchée" an aspiration to an original, inclusive and cheerful beauty, which stands out from the appearance. A gently quirky proposal, which evokes childhood, the simple joy of climbing trees in the Perche Normand region.
  • Promoting proximity and exchange, Silva mundi has chosen to market its range through direct and inclusive sales channels: through sales ambassadors at home and on its website.

Engagement 3: innovation and efficiency

The specific transversal complex Eau Phytologique®, an alliance of 4 tree essences, is present in all the formulas. This concentrate of science and nature combines the strengths of nourishing Maple water, detoxifying Birch water, de-stressing Willow leaf and protective Ginkgo leaf. This virtuous compound represents a veritable sap of youth with proven efficacy (link to specific pages).  The Eau Phytologique® is the ally of urban skin: it boosts cellular functions, promotes the synthesis of Hyaluronic Acid and oxytocin, stimulates protection against oxidative stress and allows the regeneration of the skin barrier. Balanced, nourished and relaxed, the skin is beautiful and radiant.


The formulas of our treatments have been designed to be 100% active. All ingredients are useful:

  • The water contained in the formulas is not distilled water but an active vegetable water: Eau Phytologique®, apple water and floral waters.
  • The fragrances are also active, with properties that stimulate the production of feel-good hormones. The integration of Alpha-pinene, an odorous molecule of phytoncide emitted by resinous trees, allows a relaxing action on the parasympathetic nervous system of humans, similar to that felt in the forest.
  • The essential oils contained in some of the formulas can be used by everyone, including pregnant women.

Engagement 4: source of good-being and sensoriality

Silva Mundi's Beauty and Wellness approach is multi-sensorial:

  • Fine and enveloping textures, addictive and active fragrances for optimal pleasure of use. An addictive skincare routine boosts efficiency!
  • The Silva Mundi wellness rituals, inspired by sylvotherapy and sophro-meditation, rejuvenate the skin and soothe the mind. They invite you to live your beauty routine mindfully and to reconnect with nature.
  • Visually, the brand's universe seeks to recreate the positive sensations of being immersed in nature, to compensate for the lack of energy, vitality and serenity of city dwellers. The colors of the brand decline the palette of trees, forest and earth in different seasons, ranging from light green to deep brown. According to the principles of chromotherapy, each color is called upon to activate a particular emotion. The jars and bottles feature soft curved lines that envelop the texts and symbolize the tree rings as beneficent lifelines.

The feedback from our community of satisfied and relaxed testers and customers testifies to the relevance of this global and generous approach 😊.