SOS Serenity Wellness Mist

15mL / 0.05 fl oz


With our Silva Zen ambient mist, immerse yourself in a forest bath and feel its soothing and comforting atmosphere.

Studies on sylvotherapy have demonstrated the fascinating benefits of the forest on the mood, immunity and energy of men.

The Silva Zen Well-Being mist, a true concentrate of beneficial nature, offers you an instant feeling of serenity, balance and appeasement.

100% Made In France & Vegan 🇫🇷

Science: Silva Zen contains phytoncydes, fragrant and soothing molecules that trees release into the air, and which are responsible for the feeling of well-being felt during a walk in the forest.

Ethics: A local production in the Perche, in Normandy, a few kilometers from the Arboretum of Boiscorde in order to promote a short circuit. A recycled and recyclable glass bottle and upcycled cardboard packaging and local logistics.

Naturalness: Silva Zen is composed of 99.3% ingredients of natural origin.

Sensoriality: A natural fragrance reminiscent of a walk in the forest. Mindful application rituals.

Shake the bottle well, close your eyes and spray the mist into the ambient air. Breathe deeply to enjoy the benefits of the forest wherever you are. For optimal well-being, repeat the operation every day to create your ritual.

For external use only.
In case of contact with skin and/or eyes, rinse with clean water.
Keep away from naked flames.
Keep out of reach of children.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Clair Guinaudeau (Mortree, FR)
    Âge: 45-54
    Zen, soyons zen

    I keep this discreet little bottle on my desk and have a quick spray mid-morning, close my eyes and simply breathe for a couple of minutes. Perfect when you can’t escape to the forest on a working day

    I G (Paris, FR)
    Âge: 55-64

    Parfum subtil et super agréable

    Mon brume préféré

    L’odeur est comme ce que le produit décrit ! Très apaisant, je le mets dans la chambre et dans le salon, même un peu sur les vêtements !

    Morgane W. (Paris, FR)
    Vous pouvez vraiment être super fiers !

    L’odeur est divine, tous les produits sentent aussi bons ? C’est ma première mais certainement pas dernière brume.

    Bonjour Morgane,

    Merci pour votre avis, nous sommes heureux que notre brume de bien-être vous plaise !
    L'odeur de notre Silva Zen est particulière, nos autres produits possèdent des senteurs plus discrètes, et on espère, toujours aussi agréables pour la Treebu ! : )

    Au plaisir de vous revoir sur notre boutique,


    L'équipe Silva Mundi


    Willow has been known since antiquity for its therapeutic virtues.

    The use of willow leaf decoctions is mentioned in very old documents, for its calming, soothing, purifying and regulating properties.

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