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Silva Mundi offers a complete range of 8 cosmetic treatments composed of two creams
face, a face and body serum and soap, a hand cream, a body balm, a cleansing sap and a scented mist.

Crème Ressource - Silva MundiCrème Ressource - Silva Mundi
Resource Cream Sale price€39,00
Boost Ressource - Silva MundiBoost Ressource - Silva Mundi
Boost Resource Sale price€55,00
Silva Clean - Silva MundiSilva Clean - Silva Mundi
Silva Clean Sale price€29,00
Les ingrédients de la Crème GénéreuseCrème Généreuse - Silva Mundi
Generous Cream Sale price€45,00

"I use this cream on my face and neck because I had a patch of dryness. I am very satisfied with the result."


“I love my Boost Resource, my skin has been luminous since I started using it.”


“A very pleasant texture, creamy and light at the same time and a soft and subtle fragrance make Baume Ressource an extraordinary product, particularly for dry skin!”