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Article: The benefits of Ginkgo Biloba

The benefits of Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba, which appeared on earth 40 million years before the dinosaurs, enjoys extraordinary longevity and resistance: capable of living 1000 years, it bravely went through the various ice ages and was the first tree to regrow on the devastated site of Hiroshima.

Some exceptional qualities that we can find also in its many cosmetic properties: antioxydant, soothing, regenerating, photo-protective, used in slimming products, the extract of the ginkgo biloba's leaf is considered like a potent ally against aging. 

The Ginkgo extract protects the skin and the hair from oxydative stress

The Ginkgo presents some antioxydant properties, thanks to its richness in phenolic compounds like the flavonoids, which are capable of directly neutralising free radicals, reactive species derived from oxygen or oxidized lipids damaging cell membranes.

These molecules also inhibit oxydative stress which induces cellular and tissue damages, also accelerating the skin aging mechanisms.

The Ginkgo extract helps shoothe irritated skins

The Ginkgo extract has some soothing properties and it can help reduce skin irritations thankis to its richness in flavonoids, which limit inflammation and the secretion of stress factors.

The Ginkgo extract contributes to reparing, regeneration and restructuring the skin

The Ginkgo extract also preserves the skin's biomechanic properties, stimulating the collagen synthesis and the one of the fibronectin, contributing also to reduce the appearence of wrinkles.

The Ginkgo extract protects the skin against the damages caused by UV rays

Considering its anti-oxydant and soothing activities, the Ginkgo extract is interesting to protect the skin cells against the damages caused by UV rays, this way preventing premature skin aging.

Reduces fat storage in the adipose tissue

Cellulite is characterised by the skin's wavy surface, associated with an augmentation of fat mass. A continual research exists on effective active ingredients to minimise this aesthetic problem. It was demonstrated that the Ginkgo's blifavons stimulate the lipolysis among the adipocytes (process of "destocking" of accumulated fat among the adipocytes). It can be then used in slimming products.

What cosmetic uses for the Ginkgo extracts?

Thanks to its multiple properties-antioxydant, soothing, regenerating, photo-protective, lipolytic- the Ginkgo extract represents a really interesting active ingredient among the skin care products: anti-age range; sun protection range; slimming products. If you want to discover more on the Ginkgo, click here!