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Silva Mundi is a universal, holistic and committed Beauty & Well-being brand. She offers everyone the opportunity to share her vision of a joyful, transparent and honest Beauty. A super effective range of treatments that doesn't take itself seriously! His credo: reconnect man to tree. With Silva Mundi, the beauty of the skin and the well-being of men also enhance Nature.

To understand the story of the creation of Silva Mundi, we must go back to his source of inspiration, his muse: the Boiscorde Arboretum.

Nos racines le pouvoir de la foret

The arboretum

Located in Perche in lower Normandy, the Boiscorde Arboretum has its roots in New England, in the North-East of the United States. It was during a report in this region that journalist Alain Vernholes fell in love with the colors of the Indian summer.

Back in France, he wanted to recreate this dazzling color in Rémalard, his native village. From a “beauty project”, the Arboretum has become in 40 years a “living sanctuary” today welcoming nearly 400 species of trees and plants from the four corners of the world (red maples, Louisiana bald cypresses , Armenian oaks, Chinese pistachio trees), some of which are very rare. Its objective is to share passion, convictions, knowledge and know-how with as many people as possible, while preserving resource-rich species.

Nos racines prendre exemple sur les arbres

Take an example from trees

Today, it is Antoine, Alain's son, who has inherited this look of beauty focused on nature. He made it a commitment to the preservation of rare species, which coexist harmoniously. This vision inspired the birth of Silva Mundi, which means “Forest of the World”. The Silva Mundi brand participates in the preservation and development of this Arboretum, and subsequently wishes to help preserve other corners of the earth, other arboretums. The Boiscorde Arboretum is a true geographical exception. A place where remarkable soils allow rare and endemic plants to develop. Mixing species from the East and West with those of Perche, this cradle of life is a fine example of sharing and union of species which cohabit while respecting each other: some allow others to live.

Nos racines et notre histoire arboretum


Silva Mundi is also the story of beautiful encounters: those of the founders and their desire to create together. From this inspired collaboration was born a Beauty & Well-being brand which wishes to share the benefits of active ingredients from trees.

Antoine's conviction that “the tree is at the heart of humanity, saving the tree is saving Man” has been passed on to a team of determined entrepreneurs. Their ambition is to develop a virtuous, local and transposable ecosystem to create beauty and well-being products.