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 The skin: a fundamental organ of the human body

The skin is the protective organ of the human body, made up of 2000 billion cells, 90% of which are keratinocytes. It is therefore THE fundamental cell of the skin and by extension of the human body. It is a cell with multiple functions, including that of protection: by forming the skin barrier, it prevents water from evaporating. The keratinocytes are composed of 95% water when they are deep in the epidermis, but present only 12% on the surface, where they are joined by corneodesmosines (made up of calcium). When applying distilled water to the skin, the latter will, by a phenomenon of osmosis aimed at creating a balance, absorb the minerals present in the skin. Distilled water therefore destabilizes skin minerality and breaks down surface cells. Thus, if the lipid mantle of the cell is not correctly formed, and the calcium is absorbed by the distilled water applied to the skin, the keratinocytes separate and the water contained in the skin will be released and cause phenomena of irritation and dryness.

Phytological water® : an answer to the essential needs of the skin


From the observation of the Arboretum of Boiscorde and of our skin, a true cellular ecosystem, correspondences emerged between the skin and the trees. The skin is like a forest, and needs the tree to live. Both are likely to be exposed to environments that can destabilize them, also called exposomes. Their basic needs are the same: nutrition, protection against an aggressive environment (oxidative phenomena), protection against "emotional" stress and detoxification.

Vegetable cosmetics are inspired by trees or plants, and their methods of combating an aggressive environment (drought, loss of nutrients), oxidative stress (UV and heat), biological attacks (insects, bacteria) , etc. How, once all their vital functions are in place, do they maintain themselves and protect themselves against future attacks? Thus, the answers to our skin needs, our “cellular ecosystem”, are found in the ecosystem of the Arboretum, thus making it a source of inspiration for active ingredients.


It is from this parallel that the Eau Phytologique was born®, a patented active ingredient specific to Silva Mundi, composed of 4 essences from trees present in the Arboretum:

- Nourishing maple water

- Detoxifying birch water

- De-stressing willow leaf 

- Protective Ginkgo leaf


Phytological Water® has been subjected to an ex-vivo study using human skin explants in order to demonstrate its efficacy. The application of Phytological Water® allows a restart of the cutaneous mechanisms necessary for the construction of the cutaneous barrier. This one is more solid to face the environment and its aggressions. And other genes harmful to skin health are inhibited.

Phytological Water® has a role of "molecular coach": it will have an educational effect on our cells, and teach them to work by setting up the necessary conditions. Thanks to the Phytological Water®, the cell is nourished. It can therefore manufacture its ATP, a source of energy which it needs to revive cellular life. This will in particular promote the expression of the PINK1 gene responsible for autophagy, a cell cleansing phenomenon, and thus lead to a detoxifying effect. In this healthier environment, the skin will then be able to produce its "pulp": Hyaluronic Acid. The NRF2 gene is also induced. This plays an essential role in protecting against environmental oxidative stress. Finally, Eau Phytologique promotes the synthesis of oxytocin, the hormone of pleasure, happiness and attachment, by creating an environment of plenitude and pure well-being for our cells.

Phytological Water® thus allows the reinforcement of the cutaneous barrier according to four axes:

- Physical: solidity of its structure thanks to the reinforcement of structural proteins

- Microbiological: antimicrobial action and protects against pathogenic skin bacteria

- Immunological: induces immune stimulation to maintain skin health

- Metabolic: production of multiple enzymes protecting against oxidative stress (such as super oxydismutase for example)

Beauty and well-being result

Phytological Water® is a natural source of beauty and overall well-being for the skin, a “molecular coach” that preserves its beauty and well-being capital.

Phytological Water® brings the forest home so that the skin can do its sylvotherapy. Thanks to it the skin is firmer and hydrated, and the cutaneous barrier which is rebuilt allows it to maintain this level of hydration. The complexion is radiant and even, and the skin texture is refined. It appears plumped and plumper following the relaunch of Hyaluronic Acid production. Thus, the skin recharges and rebalances itself completely on its own, and regains its serenity.

"All Skin Needs Love"

Gérard Redziniak, our Panoramix